Sunday, October 26, 2008

Some Wisdom From Russ

"Everything you say and think is a prayer. Everything."
-Russell Simmons "Do You"

I interpreted Russell's message to communicate that we must surround ourselves with positive people and persist in keeping a believing, positive attitude and like Kanye said-the rest of the world "can't tell "you" NOTHIN'!"

Also you must always fulminate your DREAMS! Tell people what you're working on and be consistant in working on it so that, giving them something to expect out of you may keep you on your toes. Keep saying what you want to be and doing by executing the required tasks that will help you reach your vision. Speak your vision into existence.


READ! READ! READ!, It not only expands your vernacular but it also keeps you informed, opens your mind, braodens your capacity to seize opportunity, and enhances your life all together.

-Uche Agada

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